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Hydroponics Gardening - How to Grow Flowers and Vegetables with Minimal Time and Effort

Stephen Provis

There are many types of systems used in hydroponics involving submersible pump. Some are simple while others are complex. Some of the most notable systems include the Ebb and Flow system and the Nutrient Film technique. Another important concern in hydroponics is taking care of the dead root mass. The use of hygrozyme helps in breaking down, all the dead root matter and transform it into useful nutrition for the plants. Explore these systems and the benefits of these enzyme based products in the following lines.

The ebb and flow system is a recovery type of system in hydroponics. It uses a submersible pump in reservoirs while the plants remain in the upper tray. The principle behind this system is the flood and drain concept. When the pump is turned on, the nutrient solution gets pumped into the upper tray and reaches the roots of the plants. It is important that the pump is kept on for minimum 20 minutes, which is known as flood cycle. After the water reaches a fixed level, the overflow fitting/pipe would enable this solution to get back into the reservoir.

The submersible pump needs to be kept on through the complete flood cycle. In this phase, the oxygen-lacking air gets pushed out of the roots through the upward movement of the solution. When the nutrient solution is drained back into the reservoir, air loaded with oxygen gets pulled into the grow-medium.

The nutrient film technique (NFT) system involves active recovery. It involves the use of submersible pump and reuse of nutrient solutions. The reservoir has a pump for pumping the nutrient solution into the grow tube that has the roots inside it. Because the grow tube are retained at a slightly downward angle, the nutrient solution passes through the roots and then into the reservoir. In this system, the solution can keep flowing over the roots throughout the day.

An enzyme-based product, hygrozyme works by breaking down old and dead roots that could be used for stimulating new growth. Made in a special way, it offers many benefits to growers. One of the unique features of this product is that it is entirely free from bacteria. This helps in dramatically increasing its shelf life and eliminating any bacterial risks to the system.

When it comes to application of hygrozyme, it is recommended to use 6 ml of the substance per gallon of water. Begin by gently soaking the medium for meeting the desired moisture level. Then, soak plugs in this solution and proceed with the regular regimen. It must then be used when there is a change in nutrients, which is usually on a weekly basis. Then, add 8 to 10 ml of the product to a gallon of water. Use it as a soak or in the drip feed system.

Whether it is about finding the right submersible pump or enzyme product, make sure to search online. It could help in saving time and offer lots of convenience.

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